terms of participation

Submitted works form and content:

Figural drawing as a whole or in detail.
Dimensions up to 200 x 100 cm, larger formats according to the exhibition limitations.
Realized in color or black and white on paper or other appropriate media.

Figural sculpture

Dimensions up to life-sized.
Realized only in plastic, offering the possibility of repair.
Traditional materials such as stone, metal, glass, ceramics or wood are excluded.

The number of submitted student works: up to 20, according to the catalog pages corresponding with the exhibited collection.

Catalog chapter profile

The school decides the number of info pages including the title page that identifies the school itself, lists the head of staff and/or the assistants.
The school decides the number of full-page student works illustrations.
Every illustration has the creator’s name listed. The name of the work, technique, dimensions and/or date can be added. We’ll use a universal layout.

The technological instructions concerning the FIGURAMA catalog

Text limits
School introduction   +­ –  10 pages including pictures of the staff and their works
Manuscript limit 3655 keystrokes per printed page = 1,5 normal page.
The recommended text limit not including pictures is 8 printed pages = 29240 keystrokes = around 16 normal pages.
It’s not required to meet the aforementioned limits, but we do not recommend using less than 6 printed pages.
The teacher introduction up to 4 printed pages including pictures (+ theory description).
The student works presentation (images) up to 20 printed pages.

Technical specifications of image and text source data

The image sources must be provided in digital form, page size A5/300 DPI, RGB colorspace, no ICC profiles included. Accepted data formats are JPEG (maximum quality – minimum compression), TIFF (LZW compression recommended). File names strictly without diacritics and/or accents, maximum of 26 characters plus file extension. For example 01_Novakova.jpg. School logotypes must be provided as a vector image in Adobe Illustrator format with fonts converted to curves.

The image captions must be provided separately in a .doc (Word) text file. For better understandability, we recommend using the following pattern – file name: author’s name, name of the work, technique, dimensions, year
For example:
Jana Novakova, Images from space, tempera, 200 x 100 cm, 2009
Do not fill in the caption text into the image file name!

Please provide the main school and teacher profile articles in separate .doc (Word) text files with clearly marked font style (B – Bold, I – italic) as well. Please refrain from using text formatting and/or the actual fonts (e.g. Helvetica CE Bold).

The deadline for sending the digital source data is December 20th 2012 on the following address: Boris Jirků, Rooseveltova 24, Praha 6, 160 00, Czech Republic,

Financial terms

A lump sum payment of 30.000 CZK (= 30 pages) by each of the catalog’s participants covers the catalog production expenses. Each school gets 40 catalog issues, more can by ordered at market price. (The order must be placed in advance in tens of issues before the issues are printed.)

Pages over the limit of 30.000 CZK (that is, over 30 pages) exceeding the catalog budget will be charged at 1.500 CZK per page.

The page limit per chapter – that is, per school – is 50.

The financial transaction will be fulfilled by the participant based on an invoice issued following the Participant agreement conclusion.


Accepting works contractually including works and artist list, work dimensions and weight, the material form of the works, exhibition summary for the contractual year, permission to publicly display the work, material costs, delivery and return terms and means, CD/DVD documentation of the works by the participant. Labeling the work with information on artist’s name, work title, dimensions, date of creation, material, weight, school, country, return address (pedestal dimensions in case of sculptures).
In case of work damage or loss, Figurama only guarantees material cost compensation.

Exhibition schedule for 2013 / add and suggest other places and terms, ideally for the other years as well!

  • March 2013 ……………. Faculty of Architecture new building, Prague, CZ (all three halls)
  • April – September 2013…….? Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • …..…? Bratislava, Slovakia
  • ….….? Poznań, Poland
  • October – November 2013…. Plzeň, CZ (faculty of Art and Design at University of West Bohemia in Plzeň)

Delivery of works takes place before the first exhibition at Faculty of Architecture new building in Prague before the actual installation.


  • March 2014…………….. Faculty of Architecture new building, Prague, CZ (all three halls)
  • April – May 2014 …… ?
  • June – August 2014……..?The year of Titian, Archbishop’s Palace in Kroměříž
  • September 2014 ………………..…?
  • October – November 2014 ……. Plzeň, CZ (faculty of Art and Design at University of West Bohemia in Plzeň)


  • March 2014…………….. Faculty of Architecture new building, Prague, CZ (all three halls)
  • April – September 2014 ……… ?
  • October – November 2014 ……. Plzeň, CZ (faculty of Art and Design at University of West Bohemia in Plzeň)

The Figurama citizens association board reserves the rights to consider the profile of registered works in regards of meeting the requirements stated above.

The Figurama c.a. editorial board in charge of catalog design and realization informs the association board which respects its decisions.

For FIGURAMA c.a.:

acad.paint. Karel Pokorný, executive director
prof. acad. paint. Boris Jirků, chairman

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